[THE FACT] The idol group WJSN (Cosmic Girls) will cut off their first comeback of the new year on the 8th. The agency of the WJSN, Starship Entertainment, officially disclosed on the 24th that the WJSN will be coming back on the 8th. The agency said “The WJSN members Mei Qi, Xuan Yi, and Cheng Xiao were not able to join this album due to planned schedules in China” as well as “The album activity will be continued with 10 members without the 3 members. We hope for the Fans’ understanding”.
On this day, the agency suddenly posted the Coming soon images of WJSN’s Comeback on the official SNS Channel. The post shows soft and bright background with the combination of white and blue. In its background, there are two holding hands of WJSN members in a white and blue blouse.
The words disclosed together with the image ‘WJ STAY?’ and ‘2019.01.08 TUESDAY COMING SOON’ revealed as hint of the album title and their return. 
With this, WJSN is coming back to the music industry in about 4 months since their release of the mini album “WJ PLEASE” with the title song of “SAVE ME, SAVE YOU”.

WJSN will announce their new album on January 8, 2019 and will start their official comeback activities.

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