[THE FACT] The ‘FANNSTAR’, the idol weekly ranking site operated by THE FACT, disclosed the electric display screening the successful birthday support event contents of Young Min Lim of the Duo MXM in both Korea and Japan.

On the 25th, ‘FANNSTAR’ disclosed the photos of the birthday celebration board attached to a travel bus for foreign tourists. ‘FANNSTAR’ opened the birthday event for Young Min Lim last November 30th and reached 700% of achievement. With this, the birthday celebration display in large screen of Tokyo, Japan; CGV screen in Apgujeong, Seoul; 43 subway stations of Line 2, Seoul (some are excluded); and the foreign tourist bus advertisement are confirmed from 25th of this month until January 2, 2019.

The screening video lists the messages and photos of the fans who participated in Young Min Lim’s birthday support. A Fan with nickname of ‘Splendor’ said “You are the reason why Christmas is so beautiful! Happy birthday Young Min. Let’s be happier together~”. The nickname ‘Cheer Youngmin till the end’ congratulated as “Young Min, Congratulations on your second birthday me being with you. Let’s still be happy in the future and I’ll cheer you to the end”. The nickname “SeraYoungMin SY” showed affection by saying “YoungMin, Happy 24th birthday. I’ll cheer you on. Will always be by your side. YoungMin Lim is my pride”. Nickname ‘I’m the one BangTo” cheered saying “My 2018 was full of happiness because of YoungMin. We will make you happy for the year 2019. Happy birthday”. Nickname “PureYoungMin” said “Our glittering star, precious YoungMin, Happy birthday. Let’s be healthy and happy together for longer time!” 

Meanwhile, the “Click Star Wars’ change its brand name to FANNSTAR on November 1st. 

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