GOT7, ‘Proof of popularity’ in Japanese Islands

[THE FACT] The idol group GOT7 announced successful start of the local arena concert, starting from the BUDOKAN, the ‘Holy Land of Japanese Performance’.
JYP Entertainment, agency of GOT7, disclosed on the 20th that GOT7 has finished their opening of ‘GOT7 ARENA SPECIAL 2018-209 ‘Road 2 U’’ with their successful concert at BUDOKAN in Tokyo, Japan last 18th and 19th. This concert is GOT7’s second entry to the BUDOKAN Their finale of ‘GOT7 Japan Tour 2017 ‘Turn Up’, a concert tour consists of 13 concerts held in 5 cities, at BUDOKAN during end of 2017. According to their agency, GOT7 filled up the performance with unique energy, and not only made hits in Korea and Japan but performed emotional stage to give off a variety of attractions and made their fans crazy.

Also, GOT7 first released the performance of the new title song which has same title with their Japanese mini album 'I WILL NOT LET YOU GO', scheduled to be released in January 2019. The new song 'I WILL NOT LET YOU GO' was released online on the 17th, the day before their performance of BUDOKAN, with a strong message and sophisticated emotions, which explosive response of the audience was drawn during their performance.

GOT7 members thanked by saying “We are glad to be able to meet our fans with this year’s tour in Japan after the world tour of 17 cities around the world. 
GOT7 will release the 3rd mini album ‘I WON’T LETE YOU GO’ on January 30th. On February 2 and 3, they will continue the arena performance at Kobe World Memorial Hall.
GOT 7, who has been very active in music industry by releasing their new album & ME Edition” in a relay of the albums “Eyes On You” and “Present : YOU” released in March and September, will hold a fan meeting with the title of “FLY GOT7” dreaming for a football king “GOT7 ♥ I GOT7 5TH FAN MEETING”” for their 5th debut anniversary” on January 5th and 6th in Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul.

Last year February, GOT7 presented various attractions to the fans in their 4th fan meeting ‘I GOT7 RESEARCH’ GOT7 ♥ I GOT7 4TH FAN MEETING” with the reverse ideal concept of 7 members doing research on ’IGOT7’.

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