Agency says, ‘Time & Place are will not be disclosed’

[THE FACT] Changsub Lee, member of the group BTOB, is joining military service this January.
CUBE Entertainment, the agency, disclosed to < THE FACT > that “Changsub Lee of BTOB will join the military service this 14th of January.” and “He want a quiet joining so we decided not to disclose the time and place. 

Changsub Lee is the second member next to Eunkwang Seo of BTOB to join the military service. Eunkwang Seo joined the service last August, and is currently in service under the 27th Infantry Division of Korea Army.

Changsub Lee will release his first solo album ‘Mark’ this coming 11th and continue his activities until his joining. According to agency, he is focusing on current album, right after finishing the activity of ‘HOUR MOMENT’, the special album of BTOB released on the 11th of the month. The jacket of his first solo album was taken by Peniel, another member of BTOB so it made more special.

Changsub Lee, born in 1991, made several hit songs such as ‘Missing You’, ‘I’ll be your man’, ‘It’s Okay’, ‘Only one for me’, etc. Not just within the group but individually he expanded his activity to musical actor as well in theatres such as ‘Napoleon’, ‘Edgar Allan Poe’, ‘Dogfight’, ‘Iron Mask’, etc.

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