KANGMIN & YOGSEUNG, how are their individual shots 
[THE FACT] The Jellyfish Entertainment, agency of the group VIXX, disclosed the individual shots of the new group VERIVERY. 

VERIVERY is a new boy group that Jellyfish Entertainment is introducing in about six years after VIXX. 
‘VERI’ derived from Latin word ‘Truth’ and ‘VERY’ from English word ‘Really’, and the name ‘VERIVERY’ was born by the combination of the two words ‘Truth Really’, meaning sincerity. 

According to the agency, VERIVERY has versatile abilities to produce music, performances, visuals, lyrics, compositions, and video contents. 
They have been building their fan-base and meet through various free-marketing even before their debut.
The official individual photos of VERIVERY members will be released sequentially.

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