K.Will Concert, Who are there? 

[THE FACT] Singers of Starship Entertainment were all in K.Will concert.
Starship Entertainment recently uploaded photos of the guests of the ‘THE K.WILL’ Seoul Performance of the K.Will’s 2018-19 National Tour Concert to the official SNS. The guests attended were Soyou on the 22nd, as well as Monsta X on the 23rd, DUETTO on the 24th, and the WJSN on the 25th, and they were all holding to the support rods and the slogan of the K.Will concert. 
As the guest singer, Soyou performed ‘I miss you’, the OST of the k-drama ‘goblin’, as well as the ‘Little Moments’, one of the track from her solo album ‘RE:FRESH’. Monta X performed ‘Shoot out’ and ‘Jealousy’, DUETTO sang ‘Grande Amore’ and ‘Miracle’, the title song of their 2nd mini album. WJSN performed ‘Dreams Come True’ and ‘Save Me, Save You’. 

According to the agency, K.will has been expressing in his interviews saying, “the juniors should success more than I will.” The agency said, the guest singers gladly adjusted their schedule to perform just for K.will since he is the senior who kept on showing his love for the junior singers.”
With total of 12,000 audience, K.Will will continue to perform in seven cities in Busan, Ulsan, Daejeon, Daegu, Seongnam, and Gwangju.
K.Will held the ‘The K.Will’, the National Tour Concert 2018-19 in Busan Hall, Busan, South Korea.

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