Nu’Est W said on Billboard ‘Ending 2018’
[THE FACT] Nu’Est W (JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren) has proved its popularity in both local and abroad. Billboard, the American music media, disclosed an interview with the title of "Nu'Est W Discuss Their Artistry, Career Resurgence & Ending 2018 on High Note" on 27th (LST). The media not only showed high interest in Nu’Est W’s musical ability, but also interviewed variety of topics and interviews turning back for the year. They told a genuine story about the time the Nu’Est W was built so far with the expression of looking back on the year. Aron said, “2018 is a blessed and fulfilled year and it’s very memorable for us”. JR said, “We’re really thankful for all the support the fans have given us” and “we’re just fully focusing all our energies on the end of 2018”.

Also, Billboard disclosed as, “They’ve thrived in this time, and since last October’s release of their first EP W, Here, NU'EST W has gone on to become one of the best-selling K-pop boy bands around: June’s Who, You EP went platinum in South Korea.”

So, Ren said, “With that, I feel more pride in our music and ourselves, and it has become the motive for working even harder and doing our best, even more, all the time.”  And Baekho said, “As we start to become more involved in producing, our opinions and thoughts on our music gets stronger, more straightforward.” and “When we prepare our album production and promotions now, we get to do what’s better for us and get more deeply involved with everything.” as well as “So whether it’s through music or some other platform, we’re always trying to give back to the fans and anyone else who has helped us reach these heights”. 

Lastly, with the question “What are you looking forward to in 2019”, Aron answered with their dream and ended interview by saying “We don’t really have any plans for 2019 but I think for now our focus is on the end of 2018.” and “It’s short but it could be a long time depending on what you’re doing. We’re just looking forward to finishing this year strong, going out with a bang. Next year, we’re not really focused on that right now. We’re focused on this year.” 

The Nu'Est W ended the year with an exclusive interview with Billboard in US, and they conveyed their honest opinions regarding their unit activities from 'W,HERE' released last October 2017 until 'WAKE,N" which released last month. 

Meanwhile, Nu'Est W was scheduled to participate in '2018 KBS Music Festival' on 28th.

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