Agency of Kai, Admits the Rumor

[THE FACT] As the facts turn out that Kai of EXO and Jennie of Blackpink are dating, Kai’s agency opened their position.
SM Entertainment confirmed <THE FACT> that “Kai and Jennie are currently having good feelings at each other.
Earlier on this date, the dispatch disclosed that Kai and Jennie are dating with the dating scene photo. According to the Dispatch, they were enjoying their secret date at Sky Garden located in Sangam-dong late at night on November 25th last year. It was Jennie’s debut day as solo and Kai posted the night sky photos on his Instagram. 
Also, their emotions were growing like any other couples do such as Kai’s visit in Jennie’s house and gave presents right after he came back from the performance in Hawaii. 
When the dating rumor was disclosed, both agency kept on avoiding any official words. After then, YG Entertainment answered “Even the company didn’t know this fact. We are still clarifying this matter.” to various medias. 
Kai and Jennie have gap of 4 years in music industry. 
Kai’s debut was in 2012 with the album “’MAMA’ EXO-K The 1st Mini Album” as EXO and has been very active in music activities including ‘The 1st Album XOXO (KISS&HUG)’ “The 2nd album ‘EXODUS’”, ‘EX’ACT – The 3rd Album’, etc. He also starred in dramas such as ‘Spring Has Come’, ‘Andante’, ‘Miracle That We Met’, etc.

While Jennie’s debut was in 2016 with the Blankpink album ‘SquARE ONE’ and also released ‘SQUARE TWO’ and ‘SQUARE UP’. And she proved her possibility as a solo singer by releasing her first solo album ‘SOLO’ and ranked 1st place in various music charts. Currently, she is starring ‘Village Survival, The Eight’ as fixed quest and showing her talent as entertainer.

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