'The Last Empress', recorded highest rating of 16.1%

[THE FACT] The drama ‘The Last Empress’ with Jang Na-ra as main actress, recorded its highest rating.
The Nielsen Korea, TV audience measurement company, disclosed that the episode 21 and 22 of SBS drama ‘The Last Empress’ broadcasted at 10PM on 26th and 27th recorded 12.6% and 16.1% respectfully, and recorded highest rating among the Wed & Thurs dramas.
The episode 21 broke the record of episode 20 rating of 14.6% by 1.5% gap.
The drama ‘Encounter’ of cable channel tvN, broadcasting at the same time which Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum are starring, was cancelled because they are aiming at improving the perfection of the drama. There is also an analysis that viewers rallied to the ‘The Last Empress’ due to the cancellation of ‘Encounter’.

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