Jimin, Released ‘Promise’ in Soundcloud on 31st 

[THE FACT] Jimin of BTS released his first self-produced song ‘Promise’.

On the 31st, Jimin posted in official twitter of BTS saying, "Hi Everyone, you have been waiting for a long time, right? I finally released my own song” and “It is a song for me but for you as well. It is my first time and unskilled yet but please listen to it a lot. Thank you for your patients Army.” The song ‘Promise’ is a song that shows Jimin’s vocals and guitar sounds with attractive lyrical melody. It shows Jimin’s delicacy that he could not show as BTS. Especially, this solo track is more meaningful since its Jimin’s first self-produced song after 5 years of his debut as BTS.
Attention is paid at the song ‘Promise’, whether Jimin’s voice, not as BTS, will also get good response. The song ‘Promise’ is available in the Soundcloud. 

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