[THE FACT] The group KNK has released three different versions of their comeback photo teasers.

KNK (Jeong Inseong, Park Seoham, Oh Heejun, and Lee Dongwon) released their individual and group photo teasers for the new single album ‘Lonely Night’ through their official SNS account last 27~29th. The released photo teasers were modern and classy fashion style, warm beige tone with their good looking, and the impressive figure with charisma. 

The track list image of the album ‘Lonely Night’ has released on 31st midnight. There are three tracks in this album such as ‘Lonely Night’, ‘What are you thinking’, and ‘Day By Day’. 

The KNK, who released the photo teasers and track list, will upload the M/V Teaser of ‘Lonely Night’, the title song of the album in 6 different versions of individuals and by group on January 1 to 6.

Meanwhile, KNK recruited a new member Lee Dongwon, and is planning for new start of 2019 with the new single album ‘Lonely Night’, which will be released in different online music sites at 6 PM on January 7th, 2019.

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