Chungha, First Comeback Stage at ‘M Countdown’ on 3rd 

[THE FACT] The solo singer Chungha has swept the top of music chart with the new song ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock).

Chungha’s 2nd single ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)’ has won the 1st place of the BUGS real-time music chart at 8 PM on the 2rd afternoon right after its releasing in various music sites. Other than that, its rank went up to 2nd place in other real-time music charts such as Melon, Genie, Ole, Soribada, and Mnet.

With this, Chungha recorded consecutive of 4 albums being 1st place in music charts with her debut song ‘Why Don’t You Know’, title song of 2nd mini album ‘Roller Coaster’, title song of 3rd mini album ‘Love U’, and the ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock).

Previously, Chungha she held a showcase in Time Square Atrium in Yeongdeung-po, Seoul at 7PM on 2nd afternoon. She performed attractive stage in black suit and hair by unveiling her new song ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock) in front of her fans. Other than the new song, she actively communicated with her fans regarding her preparation stories of comeback, point choreography, performances, M/V, etc. Chungha said, while finishing up her showcase, “Thank you for coming from afar. I will try my best not to waste your travel coming this far.” And pledged as “If I will win the 1st place, I will wear a Cinderella concept of costume and perform ‘Gotta Go (Already 12O’Clock)’.

Meanwhile, Chungha performed her first comeback stage of ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’clock)’ for the music program at ‘M Countdown’ of Mnet which showed at 6 PM on the 3rd.

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