WJSN, is this Love?’

[THE FACT] The track lists of the WJSN’s new album ‘La La Love’ which the members participated in producing has released.

Starship Entertainment, WJSN’s agency, uploaded the track list image of the new album ‘WJ STAY?’ at midnight of the 2nd on their official SNS channel. According to the image, the group members, EXY and Dawon, participated in making Rap and composing the album.

In this album, EXY showed off her musical ability by participating the rap making of all the tracks as well as the last album. Dawon as well, has self-produced the 7th track ‘UJUNG’ in this album. In 'La La Love', there are total of 7 songs including title song ‘La La Love’, ‘You Got’, ‘[Star]' '[Memories]' '[Cantabile]' '12 O’clock', and '[UJUNG]'.

The title song ‘La La Love’ expresses the feeling of difficult love which looks simple but hard to understand. They collaborated with Full8loom again, who produced the previous song ‘Please’ and EXY participated in rap making. Also, the album producing line-ups includes Full8loom, Choi Hyunjoon, Kim Seungsoo, Jeong Hohyun(e.one), and other famous local hit makers, as well as Kiggen, BrotherSu, dress, etc.

Meanwhile, WJSN will be releasing ‘WJ STAY’ this coming 8th.

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