'Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)' Chungha, First Comeback in New Year 

[THE FACT] Singer Chungha came back as Cinderella.

MNH Entertainment, Chungha’s agency, has officially disclosed as "Today (Jan. 2) afternoon at 6 PM, Chungha’s 2nd single ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)’ and its M/V will be releasing in various online music sites". ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)’ is a new album after 6months from the release of her 3rd mini album ‘Blooming Blue’, which was released last year July. According to the agency, this album shows whole new color of Chungha compared to the previous albums. If the previous albums were bright, this new song is more attractive. 

‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)’ is an EDM song starting with attractive flute sound followed by plec sounds.

Agency said, “As released in photo and M/V teasers, Chungha will be more elegant and attractive ‘Cinderella Queen’, which you can set expectations” and “Chungha is planning to be more active and try harder to become better for the fans in 2019 as well”. 

Meanwhile, Chungha performed her very first comeback stage in the showcase for releasing ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock)’ at Time Square Atrium in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul at 7 on the 2nd afternoon. The showcase was aired on live by Naver V live.

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