Hong Jin Young, First Ballad Song Released on 4th… Change Completed

[THE FACT] Hong Jin Young, a singer, released the teaser video of her first ballad song ‘Love is…’.

Hong Jin Young uploaded teaser video of ‘Love is…’, which released on the 4th, in official SNS account on the 3rd midnight. In the teaser, Hong Jin Young seems to miss someone while looking out the window. Her eyes seem to cry and the feelings are very well communicated to the viewers. 

'Love is…' is a ballad song which anyone can relate. By the releasing of the teaser, Hong Jin Young has attracted the fans’ expectation with her new ballad song since she used to sing bright and powerful songs. 

Hong Jin Young’s new song ‘Love is…’ released in various music sites at 6 PM on the 4th afternoon. 

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