Song Title 'I Only Care About Myself'

[THE FACT] The last OST of JTBC Drama 'SKY Castle’ released.

‘SKY Castle’ promoter announced on the 4th that they are releasing the drama’s Part. 7 OST ‘I Only Care About Myself’ sang by Yook Joong Wan, on various online music sites at 6 PM on the same day. The song is literally a satirical song that shows people who are economically wealthy are bluffing. It delivers the message of a person who do not understand why people are busy and do not care people who criticize the person and thinks he/she only needs to care about him/herself. This song is a collaboration of the vocalist Lee Seung Joon of the Top11 Band of ‘Superstar K3’, together with the new composer, Cho Won Il.

The song ‘I Only Care About Myself’ sang by the soft charismatic singer Yook Joong Wan has released its music through various music sites before the drama at 6PM on Friday, January 4, 2019.

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