J-Hope "I’m Very Affected to Him"...Who Got the Favorable Comment??

[THE FACT] J-Hope appeared in a survival program 'Under Nineteen' as a surprise guest.

The production team of MBC 'Under Nineteen' officially disclosed on the 4th that “The participants will be having their 3rd ‘Shuffle Missions’ at ‘Under Nineteen’ which will air on the 5th”. On this date, J-Hope of BTS gave surprise visit to the unit team who practices ‘FAKE LOVE’ of BTS. According to the teaser announced by the production team, J-Hope gave favorable comment by saying “I’m very affected to him” to one of the member of the unit team, but the identity of the participant will be disclosed during the program schedule. 

The 'Under Nineteen' is an audition program to create the next generation global idol star by combining the best vocalist, rappers, dancers, etc. through its survival missions. The voting for the participants can be done twice a day in 11st official website and mobile apps.

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