ZICO, Executive Producer & Leader Of The Group Block B, Finishing Up Group Activities of 7 Years 

[THE FACT] ZICO-Original name Woo Ji Ho, the leader of the group Block B, has decided to leave the group, which he has been together for 7 years, and be solo singer. With this, he is also separating with Seven Seasons, current agency, which he’s been together for the past five years. ‘Block B ZICO’, who will stand in front of the public as ‘Musician ZICO’ will be focus working on the solo comeback music for meanwhile. Various officials from music industries clarified to on 22th that, “ZICO has decided to stop his activities as a member of Block B. In this decision, the current agency, Seven Seasons, also ended the contract with ZICO naturally”.

According to the officials, ZICO will be spurring his preparation for the new album for meantime since he is aiming for comeback in 2019.

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