The group iKON’s new song ‘I’M OK’ has been released and it is trending even in the Philippines. 
The fans are sending their support and love through the official twitter account of YG Entertainment such as “As expected from the Kings, another greatness indeed.” By YG****ertrolment, “Wow it makes me fascinated with the song and also called MV. June in there, handsome and all members so authoritative in MV.” By P**ri, “Han bin is really good in making dart concept songs. The lyrics of the song especially Junhoe’s part.” said “Koala***+LoudH**n. 

The “Manila Trends” that shows the number of most trending tweets real-time in Manila, Philippines, has shown ‘iKON’ related tweets from top 1~3 which is in between 46~190k tweets.

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