Byun Yohan, Great Network 

[THE FACT] Byun Yohan, who showed friendship with the Bae Jungnam, an actor and a model, has attracted the interests of audience with his other connections.

Byun Yohan appeared in ‘Ugly Duckling’, entertainment program of SBS aired at 9:05 PM on the 6th, together with Bae Jungnam. He has proved their close relationship by opening the main door password by himself in Bae Jungnam’s House, and had great time together while eating Hot Pot cooked by Bae Jungnam. Byun Yohan and Bae Jungnam had roles in K-Drama ‘Mr. Sunshine’ of tvN last year and continued their good relationship. Other than this, Byun Yohan had good relationship with celebrities through his films, schools, and others where many people are amazed with the connections.

There is a social gathering where Byun Yohan attends, as well as, Ryu Junyeol, Lee Donghwi, Jisoo, Suho (member of EXO and actor), etc. Byun Yohan starred in films together with each of them such as ‘Socialphobia’, ‘Cold Eyes’, ‘One Way Trip’, etc. Especially for Suho, they are alumni of Korea Arts University. They are also called ‘BYH4’ by the fans, which derived from the girl group ‘AKB48’. 

Meanwhile, when Bae Jungnam was about to put abalone in hot pot, Byun Yohan said “Remember I have allergies to shellfish?” and had laughed, and its recorded highest momentum audience rating of 28.1% (based on Nielson Korea’s Metropolitan Area Analysis). 

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