[THE FACT] ‘FAN N STAR’, the idol ranking site, operated by THE FACT, has opened English Service after Japan and China. With this, it has established itself as a global site to embrace Korean Wave fans in Korea, Japan, China, and English speaking countries.

The ‘FAN N STAR’ has launched its English service on the 31st. Previously, English speaking fans had to use the KR, CN or JP version of ‘FAN N STAR’ by using translator. By opening its English services, it is expected that the fans will approach ‘FAN N STAR’ easier. ‘FAN N STAR’ announces the winners of K-Pop Artists and Individuals rankings by the fan votes. Artists Ranking between 30 groups, and Individuals Ranking for 30 singers compete for the ranking. And also selects artists with potential through ‘FAN N STAR Rising Star Award’.

Following the launch of the Japan service in March 2017, the Chinese service was launched in June of that year. English service also opened and the votes of fans in Korea, Japan, China, and English speaking countries will be added together and distinguish the true ‘Korean Wave Idol’. All votes in different countries will be reflected in ‘FAN N STAR’ real-time. It also attracts the attention of fans since they can communicate regarding their favorite idol star through the community board, regardless of their boarders. 

Min Kyungho, the Deputy Director of New Media Dept. of THE FACT said, “If ‘FAN N STAR’ was a voting site for Asian fans in KR, CN and JP, by the official launching of its English services, more fandoms in worldwide can now gather up. We will try our best to be the Global Site representing K-Pop Artists”.

On the other hand, ‘Click StarWars’ has changed its brand name into ‘FAN N STAR’ in November 2018. 
In 2019, it is attracting a lot of fans attention by preparing to hold an offline awards ceremony.

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