The singer Hwang Chiyeol has released the comeback scheduler and the countdown is starting.
Hwang Chiyeol has posted the comeback scheduler of the 2nd full album ‘The Four Seasons’ through his official SNS account at midnight of 8th. Released scheduler got the attention with Hwang Chiyeol’s appearance creating a sentimental atmosphere on the black and white colored background.

On the 9th, he is planning to release various comeback contents including track lists, M/V teaser, and voice preview. 

Hwang Chiyeol’s this coming album ‘The Four Seasons’ is the 2nd full album after 12 years from his debut on 2007, and it contains precious tracks that can be heard throughout the four seasons as given in its album name. It contains Hwang Chiyeol’s willingness of being together with fans for 365days a year, and the title song is also expected to capture the hearts of the listeners this winter by emphasizing the deep tones and emotions of Hwang Chiyeol. 

The 2nd full album of Hwang Chiyeol ‘The Four Seasons’ will be released at 6 PM on the 21st.

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