A music festival for ‘Star and Fans’, a lovely encounter between stars and fans, will be opening with the start of the Spring. THE 1st THE FACT FAN & STAR FESTIVAL is opening this coming April, hosted and sponsored by THE FACT, an internet magazine that is strong against scandal and issues. 

'THE FACT FAN&STAR FESTIVAL' (FFF) organizing committee announced as “THE FACT FAN & STAR FESTIVAL, with the participation of global KPOP Stars and Fans, will be held on April 24 at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium.” And “There will be plenty of entertainments and attractions provided since it is the only festival-style awards ceremony in Korea focused for fans, which was possible by the stars and fans.”

Newly launched ‘FFF’ this year, is an offline awards ceremony where the FAN N STAR (formerly ‘Star Wars’), which the stars are ranked only by fans’ love, has been expanded and reorganized. It will be fans’ dreams come true since it will be in ‘Star and Fans together’ concept of festival-style awards.

<THE FACT> has opened online year end awards in 2015 through ‘FAN N STAR’, which is idol ranking information site. After then, with the warm support of the fans, the year-end awards were able to distinguish the winners for the year 2016 and 2017. ‘FAN N STAR’ had the bridge role in between fans and the stars by delivery of trophies, purely created by the fans’ love, and has been building up the trust with fans. 
Likewise, ‘FFF’ concept and style will be also different with other award ceremonies. It will be new type of awards ceremony that will not only concern about awarding but to make communication and unite be possible in between fans and stars.

Min Kyungho, ‘FFF’ organizing committee member explained, “FAN N STAR’s first offline awards ceremony is based on fairness, and with the fresh concept as weapons, it will complete the role of being bridge between artists and fans. In addition to this, he also asked for interest and support by saying, “We will do our best to prepare for a fantastic festival of all”.

The lineup of the 1st ‘FFF’ attending artists will be announced soon sequentially, and the ticket distributions and time of the event will also be able to be found on the official website of <THE FACT> and in FAN N STAR’s announcements. The voting for offline awards is possible through ‘FANNSTAR’ applications and its specific voting schedule will also be announced through FANNSTAR. 

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