- GFriend Yerin X Eunha, Showed Off Outstanding Visual ‘180° Makeover’ 

The girl group Gfriend, whose comeback is near, released the unit teaser image of Yerin and Eunha.
Gfriend has released Yerin and Eunha’s individual and unit teaser images of their 2nd full album ’Time for us’ through their official SNS account on the 8th. The photos released show the images of Yerin and Eunha looking at the camera with expressionless faces. The dreamy eyes of the two members gave a mysterious atmosphere and increased the curiosity of the fans wondering what is the hidden story behind it.
In addition, in individual teasers, Yerin, wearing a pair of velvet gloves in black dress, is showing elegant figure with her legs crossed, and Eunha, wearing velvet top with leather skirts showed off the arrogant attractions. The fancy makeover of the two members, which is totally different from the concept photos of the Daybreak and Daytime previously, sets higher expectations of the fans towards the new song ‘Sunrise’

The title song ‘Sunrise’ is a song that expresses a girl’s heart that is deeper by comparing her loved ones to the ‘Sun’, which does not come up yet. It is an extension of the previous song ‘Night’ and you will be able to see the thicker emotions and storytelling of Gfriend.

Meanwhile, Gfriend will be releasing their 2nd full album ‘Time for us’, including the title song ‘Sunrise’ at 6 pm on January 14th through various music source sites.

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