‘New Global Solo Queen’ Chungha, ‘Gotta Go’ Response Abroad is also Hot for taking back TOP 1

The singer Chungha is targeting global markets now beyond the domestic music market.

Chungha’s new digtial single album ‘Gotta Go (Already 2 O’clock), released at 6 pm last 2nd of the month, got in to top 1 in iTunes K-POP Chart in Thailand and Qatar, Top 2 in Singapore KKBOX K-POP Chart, top 8 in Apple Music Korea K-POP chart, and top rankings in other global charts as well.

In addition to this, Chungha’s popularity has been proven through the song ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 o’clock) being in the top ranking of the streaming charts in Spotify, the no. 1 music streaming services, of various Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Meanwhile, Chungha is also performing ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’clock)’ in music program this week.

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