The girl group Gfriend has completed the release of all teaser images by the 3rd teaser of the complete members.

Gfriend has uploaded the teaser image of ‘Midnight’ version of the 2nd full album through their official SNS at midnight on the 10th. They have been releasing individual and group teaser images of Daybreak, Daytime, and Midnight version from the 24th of last month to announce their comeback.

Specially, they showed various charms that include purity and chic and it made the fans excitement increase. This album is extended series of the sixth mini album “Time for the moon night” released in April last year, and is a full album releasing by Gfriend in two years and six months. 

Meanwhile, Gfriends is releasing the 2nd full album ‘Time for us’ at 6 pm on the 14th through various music source sites. 

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