Brand New Music has completed the dedication of TF team for the complete members of Brand New Boys. This team of experts in each fields will be operated independently for the system enhancement of concentration management of the members. 

Brand New Music intends to improve the group’s perfection through this. More than anything, they will actively support each competency of the member to be fully used such as Lim Youngmin’s rap making, Park Woojin’s choreography creation, and Lee Daehwi and Kim Donghyun’s lyrics, composition and production, etc. Also, announced that “after the members’ schedules are finalized, future plans will be made in detail through the systematic concentration management of the dedicated team, and will be released sequentially”. 

On the other hand, the interest and curiosity towards the Brand New Music, where various talented artists belong such as Rhymer, Verbal Jint, Bumkey, Hanhae, Yang Dail, etc., are increasing on what kind of talented boy group will be presented.

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