Jellyfish Entertainment’s boy group VERIVERY released their debut album ‘VERI-US’ on the 9th.

VERIVERY, who has been continuing their unusual moves and called ‘CREATIVE IDOLS’, is going to join the music industry with their debut album ‘VERY-US’. The first mini album ‘VERI-US’ is filled with the songs, which VERIVERY participated in lyrics and compositions, with VERIVERY’s own colors and expressions.

The album has total of 5 tracks in different genre including title song ‘Ring Ring Ring’ in new jack swing genre, ‘Flower’ with guitars and cindy, ‘F.I.L’ with sweet lyrics, ‘Alright’ a retro punk song, and ‘Super Special’ in acoustic version.

VERIVERY, officially debuted on the 9th, has released the debut album ‘VERI-US’ through various music source sites together with the debut performance ‘Premiere Showcase: VERIVERY’ through M.net.

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