The singer Chungha won 1st place of Music Program for the first time since her debut as solo.

Chungha won the 1st place in ‘Show Champion’, music program of MBC, aired on the 9th afternoon, with her new song ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’Clock). After the 1st place was announced, Chungha said, “First of all, thank you to our agency members. And I love you BYULHARANG. My mom will be in her Thailand trip but Mommy, I Won!”.

Last June 2017, Chungha released he first mini album ‘Hands On Me’ and debuted as solo, and she subsequently hit songs and reached top of the charts with the songs ‘Why Don’t You Know’, ‘Roller Coaster’, ‘Love U’, etc. but was not able to win the first place in music broadcasting programs.

Chungha, who reached the top of the music broadcasting program after a year and seven months from her debut as solo, will continue to challenge the 1st place trophy collection with the uptrend.

Meanwhile, Chungha, who has been top 1 in music charts in Korea and in overseas music charts and reborn as a global solo queen with ‘Gotta Go (Already 12 O’clock)’, will continue her activity to be on the top.

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