Se7en "I will come with new music soon" asking for support

[THE FACT] The singer SE7EN predicted a comeback and raised expectations for this year’s activities.

On the 9th, Se7en posted the highlight video of ‘Video Star’, an entertainment program of the cable channel MBC every1 he appeared the previous day. He asked for support through the post by hash tagging ‘videostar’ ‘did you enjoy it’ ‘working hard on the song’ ‘will comeback’ ‘soon’ ‘with new music’.

On the previous day, Se7en, who met the audience through the ‘Video Star’ in a long time, captivated the audience with humorous comments, as well as hit song medley, fancy and explosive performances. In addition, he revealed the public love episodes with Lee Dahae, an actress, and showed his side of ‘loving person’. With this, the name of Se7en and Lee Dahae went up and down all day in the portal site real-time search word.

At the end of the program, Se7en announced “I am currently working on the songs to release in between January ~ February. Once the desired song is completed, I will announce it to the public. I will show on the stage if there will be an opportunity”. Especially, he showed a little bit of his two songs that are ballad and bright dance song in medium tempo, and attracted the attention of the audience.

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