[THE FACT] ‘FAN N STAR’, weekly idol ranking site operated by THE FACT, has released the electric board screening the birthday celebration video of Kenta, member of the duo JBJ95, by the support of the fans.

On the 10th, ‘FAN N STAR’ has released the picture of the birthday celebration of Kenta screening on the electric board in Tokyo, Japan. The ‘FAN N STAR’ has opened the birthday support event for Kenta last December 14 and was able to achieve 100%. With this, the large electric display advertisement in Tokyo, Japan from 8th to 14th has been confirmed. 

In the released video, the pictures and the comments from the fans who attended the support were screening. The nickname 'どぅぐん' said, "I’m glad that you keep on going! I will bless you every year! I love you!”. The nickname 'tomoko_95' congratulated as "I like the way you always try to be positive! Wish it will be a wonderful year for you!”. The nickname 'Pyumospirit' supported as "I will always support Kenta forever. Happy Birthday! Love you~”. Nickname 'poko0518' showed the emotion by saying, "Kenta, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being a member of JBJ95. I will support you forever”. The nickname '켄타만볼래' attracted attentions by saying, "Kenta, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being born, and for coming to us! Let’s walk through the flower path only, Our Kenta”.

Meanwhile, ‘FAN N STAR’ will be holding ‘THE FACT FAN N STAR FESTIVAL’ this coming April 24th. The line-ups will be announced soon through ‘FANNSTAR’ announcements.

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