‘Chord Maker’ Soul Star Joined! – Released on the 10th Noon!
The group UP10TION, who is very active by the release of new album ‘Laberinto’, is releasing new collaboration song with SOULSTAR.
KUHN, WEI, and BIT-TO, the rapper line of UP10TION, who are captivating the fans with charismatic charms, has released the 2nd title song ‘Find The Way’ of the ‘Space Project’ on the 10th noon.

The Space Project Part. 2 compositions were participated by the new composer FREAIM, the 2018 excellent creator of Korea Creative Contents Agency, and GIRYEON, a singer song writer who announced the song ‘Winter Again’ together with Narae of SPICA recently, and KHUN, WEI, and BIT-TO of UP10TION has all participated in rap making by themselves.

Also, the expectations on the new songs are increasing due to the melody and chord support of R&B group SOULSTAR, one of the representative ‘Chord Maker’ of Korea known with ‘Only One For Me’, ‘A Capella’, ‘Rainy Day’, etc., who fully supported the rapper lines of UP10TION. 

The Space Project Part. 2, reminiscent of the scene from ‘Staying Space’ to ‘Next Space’ shown in ‘Black’ of Nam Taehyun who participated in the previous space project, contains the story about the path that composers, including KUHN, WEI, and BIT-TO of UP10TION as well as SOULSTAR, all dreamed of as musicians and the path to go forward. 

Especially, Kuhn, Wei, and Bit-to has dissolved their feelings in the lyrics that could not be easily told to anyone by comparing themselves, who runs together for their dream as a musician, with ‘Starex’ and done variety of schedules and passing through various roads. 

Meanwhile, the song and M/V of ‘Find The Way’ of the space project Part. 2, collaboration of Kuhn, Wei, and Bit-to of the dynamic performance group UP10TION with Soulstar, released on the 10th noon in various music source sites together with YouTube and other SNS Channels at the same time.

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