ASTRO has released up to 2nd concept film with full of dreamy scenery.

ASTRO has maximized the fans’ expectation towards their comeback by releasing the teaser video of Rocky, MJ, and Moon Bin with the name of ‘ASTRO 1st Album [All Light] Concept Film’ through their official SNS account on the 8th. Previously, Yoon Sanha, Jin Jin, and Cha Eunwoo first revealed their 1st film, followed by Rocky, MJ, and Moon Bin, all of which showed the attraction of 6 colors of complete 6 members of ASTRO.

ASTRO’s release on the first ‘All Light’ concept film of Yoon Sanha, Jin Jin, and Cha Eunwoo became an issue. The concept film of Rocky, MJ, and Moon Bin, which was released to the public after the first one of the dreamy concept, was completely extinguished with mysterious concept which doubled up the ASTRO’s unique emotional expressions.

ASTRO who gave preview of their transformation with the upgraded coolness. Their first full album ‘All Light’ to be released on 16th has attention on what kind of attractions they will be presenting.

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