‘Big Rookie’ Cherry Bullet, Unexpected Charm with Unusual Concepts..‘Expectations UP’

‘Debut on January 21st’ Cherry Bullet, New Song ‘Q&A’ Heart Sniper Targeting

Cherry Bullet, who is anticipated in music industry of 2019, has delivered their unexpected attractions.

FNC Entertainment, Cherry Bullet’s agency, has raised expectations for Cherry Bullet’s debut by releasing Bora and Kokoro’s jacket with their individual robots in two versions, LOADING and PLAYING through their official debut teaser site on the 10th. The atmosphere of Cherry Bullet is showing lovely like cherry but attractive in LOADING versions, and very energetic in PLAYING version. Also, the released individual robots are equipped with each member’s own weapon so the curiosity about the album concept with game theme is increasing.

The group Cherry Bullet, launching by FNC ambitiously in six years, consists of 10 members including Hae Yoon, who went up to the finals in ‘Produce48’ of Mnet, Yu Ju, Mi Rae, Bo Ra, Ji Won, Kokoro, Remi, Chae Rin, Lin Lin, and May. The title song of the debut single album is ‘Q&A’, which will snipe the audience with the perfect visual and performances.

The debut single album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ will be released on January 21, and their promotion contents can be viewed on their official debut teaser site.

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