[THE FACT] ‘FAN N STAR’, idol weekly ranking site operated by THE FACT, has disclosed the screening displays of birthday celebration for Lee Seunghoon, member of the group WINNER, by successful supports from the fans. 

On the 10th, ‘FAN N STAR’ as released the images of Lee Seunghoon’s birthday celebration screening on the electric board located in Tokyo, Japan. The support event for Lee Seunghoon’s birthday was opened last December 14th and was able to reach 100% attainment. With this, the Large screen advertisement for the birthday support has been confirmed from January 8th up to 14th. 

The photos and the comments from Lee Seunghoon’s fans who participated the birthday support are displayed on the screen. The nickname 'sua루' said, “Seunghoon’s 2019, more anticipated future!” The nickname 'Aruria' congratulated “Happy 38th Birthday, Let’s stay healthy and be happy even in 2019. I love you” Nickname 'douner' supported as "I hope you can do whatever you want to do, be happy and don’t be sick for the year 2019~ happy birthday”. The nickname '이승훈최고' showed support by saying "Lee Seunghoon. I will always support you". And the nickname 'godhoon' got attention by saying “Finished my day happily by watching Seunghoon on the entertainment show~ Dancing Seunghoon, Happy birthday”.

On the other hand, ‘FAN N STAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT FAN & STAR FESTIVAL’ on April 24. The Lineups will be released through the announcement of ‘FANNSTAR’.

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