'Welcome to Waikiki Season 2', First Episode in first half 2019
[THE FACT] K-drama ‘Welcome to Waikiki Season 2’ is coming back with more powerful and in best ‘Harmony’. The production team of the new k-drama ‘Welcome to Waikiki season 2’, officially disclosed on the 10th that they have finalized the casting of youth actors, including Lee Yikyung, Kim Sunho, Shin Hyunsoo, Moon Gayoung, Ahn Sohee, and Kim Yewon, and started shooting it.

Previously, Waikiki, a true youth drama, has been rediscovered by actors such as Kim Junghyun, Lee Yikyung, Song Seungwon, Jung Insun, Go Wonhee, Lee Juwoo, etc. and has been filled with expectations and demands for season 2 since the end of the 1st season. Meanwhile, the production team of ‘Waikiki’ has gathered together to produce season 2. Moreover, the combination of Lee Yikyung, who was very popular by ‘hard carrying’ in season 1, with the new energy that will be added up by Kim Sunho, Shin Hyunsoo, Moon Gayoung, An Sohee, and Kim Yewon sets high expectation.

On the other hand, director Lee Changmin and writer Kim Kiho, etc. are coinciding again for the ‘Welcome to Waikiki Season 2’. CJeS Entertainment and Drama House are co-producing again, following ‘Welcome to Waikiki Season 1’, and will be broadcasting on JTBC in the first half of 2019.

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