ZICO, Beginning to Standing Alone 

[THE FACT] The singer ZICO established KOZ Entertainment and goes for a new leap.

According to the person in charge of public relations of KOZ Entertainment, the name ‘KOZ Entertainment’ is an acronym for King Of the Zungle, and it has aspirations that it will always try to be the best of the jungle, a musical ecosystem. As ZICO has put out his identity of ‘King Of the Zungle’, his goal is also very clear.

Zico will not only grow his musical capacity, but will also try his best to find and develop talented artists. In 2019, he will be actively producing even outside and expects to expand the scope of activities as a producer in addition to being a singer.

With his background of 8 years and know-hows from the leader and producer of the group Block B up to the representative solo male artist, he will be leading the overall direction of the company. ZICO, who made his debut as Block B in 2011, has been active as a solo singer and producer, together with group activities. He has built his own crew and worked on various collaborations to create aspects as an artist. He has shown a wide spectrum beyond various genre through 'Tough Cookie', 'Eureka', 'Artist', 'I Am You, You Are Me', 'Pride and Prejudice', etc. 

Meanwhile, ZICO is currently working on a new album.

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