The 2nd series of ‘#TWICE’, Japan debut album of Twice that made ‘Asia One Top Girl Group’, ‘#TWICE2’ is releasing in Japan by March.

'#TWICE2' contains 10 tracks in Korean and Japanese version of their songs such as 'OOH-AHH', 'CHEER UP', 'TT', 'KNOCK KNOCK', 'SIGNAL' as well as ‘LIKEY’, 'Heart Shaker', 'What is Love?', 'Dance The Night Away', and 'YES or YES', and will be released on March 6.

Among these, the Japanese version of ‘LIKEY’ has been pre-released on 11th midnight, and proved the popularity of Twice by taking the top rank of Line Music Top 100 Chart.  

Twice is holding 4 concerts in 3 different cities for their Dome Tour which will be held at Kyosera Dome Osaka on March 21st as a start, Tokyo Dome on March 29th and 30th, Nagoya Dome on April 6th, etc. As a K-Pop girl group, twice wrote a new history of holding first dome tour and entering Tokyo dome in the shortest period from the debut as an artist from abroad. The title of the dome tour of TWICE has been decided as ‘TWICE DOME TOUR 2019 “#Dreamday’ with the meaning of the day of dreams come true of Dome stage twice has been dreaming of since the debut in Japan. The title is also filled with the desire to be able to have a wonderful and a happy time with the fans as well as fans have dreamed together for this stage.

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