[THE FACT] The ‘FANNSTAR’, weekly idol ranking site operated by THE FACT, has released the display screening of the birthday celebration of Kai, member of EXO, in Japan by successful achievement of the fans’ support.

On the 14th, the ‘FANNSTAR’ has released the photos of the electric display located in Japan screening the support for Kai’s birthday.

The ‘FANNSTAR’ has opened the support event for Kai’s birthday celebration last December 14th and has reached 100% achievement. With this, the large screen advertisement in Tokyo, Japan from January 8 ~ 14 has been confirmed.

The comments and the photos from the fans who participated for the support of for Kai’s birthday were screening. "Jongin, Happy Birthday~ Hope this day to be the most special one..", said the nickname ‘김카이쪼아’. The nickname 'exo_lover' supported as "I will always support you Kai! January 14 is shining because you are". The nickname '종인이맘' said, “Happy birthday Jongin! The shiniest person on the stage, there will always be good happening even in future”. "EXO, KAI! Will Always Love you! Aja Aja" congratulated by the nickname ‘도로로롱’. The nickname 'mamayou' said, "Happy birthday Kim Jongin. I got in to you ~ Be responsible ~".

On the other hand, the ‘FANNSTAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT FAN & STAR FESTIVAL’ this coming April 24. The lineup will be announced through the announcement page of the ‘FANNSTAR’.

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