Yoon So Hee, Scandal with Song Jaerim? 

[THE FACT] An actree, Yoon So Hee appeared on the entertainment program ‘NEW LIFE BAR’ and became an issue.

Yoon So Hee appeared in ‘NEW LIFE BAR’ of tvN broadcasted last 10th afternoon and told various stories from the behind story of university entrance as well as the scandals with Song Jaerim.

Yoon Sohee appeared as a best friend of Song Jaerim and showed off their friendship for more than 10 years. They met in same agency and started to explain their relationship. Song Jaerim said “At first, I opposed for Yoon Sohee being an actress since she even made it to enter KAIST so she can just walk her path but I was very worried. However, after observing for 10 years, I’ve seen that she’s growing as an actress so I feel proud of her.” They also mentioned about their old scandals. Jaerim told their story as “There was one time I had scandals with Yoon Sohee but it was just an outing of the company but people misinterpreted my tattoo on my ankle with her anklet as couple items.”.

Yoon Sohee even mentioned her trigger of KAIST entrance. Yoon So hee said, “I went in to KAIST just because of the senior actress ‘Kim Taehee’. I told my mother that I wanted to be a celebrity and she showed me a drama starred by Kim Taehee and said ‘There is an actress who is that pretty and studies at Seoul National University while you should at least be good at study if you wanna be celebrity.” so I started to study hard”. 

Yoon Sohee was born in 1993 and has been growing her acting career by starring in various dramas such as ‘Marriage, Not Dating’, ‘The Emperor: Owner of the Mask’, ‘Witch’s Love’, etc.

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