[THE FACT] The ‘FANNSTAR’, weekly idol ranking site operated by THE FACT, has released the display screening of the celebration for CNBLUE’s 9th anniversary in Japan by successful achievement of the fans’ support.

On the 14th, the ‘FANNSTAR’ has released the photos of the electric display located in Japan screening the support for CNBLUE. The ‘FANNSTAR’ has opened the support event for CNBLUE last December 14th and has reached 100% achievement. With this, the large screen advertisement in Tokyo, Japan from January 8 ~ 14 has been confirmed.

The comments and the photos from the fans who participated for the support of CNBLUE were screening. The fan with a nickname '씨유' said, "Congratulations to the 9th anniversary CNBLUE. I will always support the path of the four members". The nickname '라이트모티프_Leitmotiv' supported by saying "I will always be with CNBLUE for longer time. Congratulations to your 9th anniversary". The nickname '지고지순씨덕' congratulated as, "Congratulations for 9th anniversary CNBLUE. Jung Yonghwa, Lee Jonghyun, Kang Minhyuk, and Lee Jungshin, thank you for being together". “I’m waiting for the four members to come back. Let go through the path together with us even in the future~” said, '토끼0915'. The nickname 'Mackey' said, “Congratulations CNBLUE for the 9th anniversary. I will wait for you ~".

On the other hand, the ‘FANNSTAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT FAN & STAR FESTIVAL’ this coming April 24. The lineup will be announced through the announcement page of the ‘FANNSTAR’.

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