Junoflo, Predicts New Year’s Activity with the first full album ‘STATUES’ 

[THE FACT] The rapper, Junoflo, has started his active new year by releasing the first full album since debut. Feelgood Music, the agency, announced on the 9th that Junoflo is coming back with the first full album ‘Statues’.

The first EP album ‘Only Human’ has been interpreted on his own philosophical feeling as a human being, while he filled up the new album with 12 tracks that he looked at it with keen eye. The double title song with opposite atmosphere of Junoflo was put on the front. The first title song, ‘Statues’ is a hip-hop song inspired by Michelangelo’s words and is an impressive track of frank lyrics with the theme of human’s creativity compared to a statue.
Another title song is ‘Autopilot’, which was featured by BOA, and it called high expectations due to unusual collaboration of the two since this was the first time BOA has participated as a featured artist for an album of a hip-hop musician within the country.

Junoflo is also beginning his national tour concert as a celebration of his album release. It will be started in Seoul concert this coming February 9, followed by Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, etc. with the recorded tracks of the album together with the other songs that has been well known through his activities in music industry.

After completing his national tour, he will be actively start a global promotion at United States of America, Europe, and other countries as well.

The first full album of Junoflo has been released at 6 pm of 9th afternoon in various soundtrack sites.

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