3 members of boy groups are joining army just in January 

[THE FACT] Lee Changsub, member of BTOB, as a start, member of K-POP boy groups are joining army. Three joining within January, including Shinwoo of B1A4, and the Yang Yoseop of Highlight. Lee Changsub has joined the military service on the 14th afternoon and will serve the duty of national defense after completing the basic military training.

Next to Lee Changsub is the member of B1A4, Shinwoo, who will be joining this coming 22nd. He is the first one to join among the members of B1A4. 

Yang Yoseop of Highlight is passed the exam for police duty and will join on the 24th. He is second member among Highlight members following Yoon Dujun.

Many singers are about to join the military service this year, including Seungri of BigBang, Rapper Hanhae, Loco, Yoon Jisung from Wanna One, Lee Gikwang, Lee Honggi, and others.

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