- First Official Move Prediction After the Group Withdrawal ‧ TS Enter Contract Termination

- Concept image of ‘HIKIKOMORI’ filled with darkness and depression inside 20s young man 

The former leader of B.A.P, Bang Yongguk, has released his single ‘HIKIKOMORI’ concept photos.

Bang Yongguk has disclosed the new solo concept image ahead of the release of his first single album ‘HIKIKOMORI’. The concept photo released this time draws attention in that it is the first official content released after he left his former agency TS Entertainment, from the group B.A.P.

The ‘HIKIKOMORI’ of Bang Yongguk is a song that contains the keywords of loneliness, confusion, and depression of a young man in 20s as its title. In the released concept photo, Bang Yongguk is crouching in the room alone with confused eyes, and its raising the expectation of the viewers towards his single album which will be released this week.

Bang Yonggui, who was active in underground as independent musician, joined the boy group B.A.P from mid-2000s. In addition, he was the music director of Seoul Fashion Week, which was unusual as an idol, and also produced personal mix tapes of his own voice steadily while producing, writing lyrics, and composing B.A.P albums. 

The single ‘HIKIKOMORI’ is expected to serve as a new opportunity for fans and the public to pay attention to the point that voice of Bang Yongguk can be heard once again as a solo musician after folding his long B.A.P activities.

The concept photos will be released sequentially from January 14th, and the single album ‘HIKIKOMORI’ will be released at 6 pm on the 20th through various soundtrack sites in Korea and abroad at the same time.

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