Billboard, an American Music Media, has centralized the news for WJSN’s new title song ‘La La Love’ of the new mini album <WJ STAY?>, and attracted attention.

Recently, the Billboard has spotlighted the new song of WJSN by uploding an article titled “WJSN Put On a Captivating Carnival in 'La La Love' Video.

The media announced the new song detailed as “La La Love” is a dramatic synth pop song that features echoing vocal layering and complex tonal shifts. It follows the releases of last year’s "Dreams Come True" and "Save Me, Save You.".

In addition, they even complimented regarding the song as, “The new track continues to display the dedication of WJSN, also known as Cosmic Girls, to a distinct, shimmering brand of dance music that thrives on twinkling, retro-inspired synths and quirky production choices, such as the straightforward, slightly melodic, speaking tone featured both in the intro and outro of the song as well as the rap portions."

Also, they also added the music participation of the members as, "Album closer is “Ujung,” which was co-composed by member Dawon. Rapper Exy is credited as a lyricist on each track.

The Billboard also disclosed the comment regarding the music video as “The captivating music video for "La La Land" brings the members of the girl group to a carnival where they star as performers, dancing along to the song with a classic circus tent as their backdrop, serving up cotton candy, performing acrobatics, and more. It's a bit less magically-inspired than some of their other music videos, but keeps to the group's ethereal, fantastical styling they've displayed in the past.

Meanwhile, WJSN had their comeback last 8th with their mini album <WJ STAR?> and the title song ‘La La Love’ and continues their activities in music industry.

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