[THE FACT] The ‘FANNSTAR’, weekly idol ranking site operated by THE FACT, has released the Electric Boards screening the birthday video by achieving more than 100% of fans’ support by the fans of the singer Samuel in Korea and Japan.

On January 17, FANNSTAR released a picture of screening Samuel’s birthday celebration at CGV in Apgujeong, Seoul. The birthday support for Samuel was opened by FANNSTAR on December 14 and achieved 700%. With this, the video screening of large screen in Tokyo, Japan, CGV Screen in Apgujeong, Seoul, and 43 subway stations of Seoul Line 2, and the advertisement of tour bus for foreign tourists are confriemd.

The screening video shows the photos and comments of the fans participated. The nickname 'fla' said, "Muel is Garnet’s Pride Happiness and Joy. Let make more good memories next year than this year”. “I’m glad I was born, since I can congratulate Samuels birthday. I will always love you” said, '맬맬멜보싶'. '대전가넷' said, "Muel is the Best. Never lose your self-esteem. Love you.". The nickname '곤지1' showed love by saying "Let have joyful birthday forever together. I will always support for your path to be flowery”. And the nickname 'justmel' said "Be with Garnet not only in 2019 but forever".

Meanwhile, ‘FANNSTAR’ is holding ‘THE FACT FANNSTAR FESTIVAL’ at Namdong Gymnasium located in Namdong-gu, Incheon this coming April 24.

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