Lee Minhyun of BTOB has announced the M/V teaser clip of the title song ‘YA’ ahead of the solo debut.

Lee Minhyuk has released the M/V teaser clip of the title song ‘YA’ of the first solo album ‘HUTAZONE’ through the official SNS of BTOB at midnight of 15th.

The teaser video includes the highlights of ‘YA’ and soundtrack together with Lee Minhyuk’s exceptional visual and dance performances, which were not seen during his activities as BTOB.

The title song ‘YA’ is a song of a futuristic bass genre base on PBR&B with intense sound and dynamic composition, and it claims ‘I’ became ‘Me’ and the happiest moment is with ‘You’. 

Lee Minhyuk has participated as a musician in lyrics, composition, as well as producing of all tracks including the title song ‘YA’ and ‘With Melody-Tonight’.

Meanwhile, Lee Minhyuk’s first full solo album has released at 6 pm on the 15th through various online soundtrack sites. 

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