- Starting to promote by Concerts in Tokyo-Osaka
April started their activities by releasing the new single album following the concert held in Japan. 

DSP Media said on the 16th that April is releasing the 2nd Japan single album ‘Oh-3-Oh’.

The new Japan single title song ‘Oh-e-Oh’ is the track from the 5th mini album ‘the Ruby’ which was released last year in Korea and is a song about the feelings of a girl who fell in love. It was aired together with their title track ‘Oh! My mistake’ and was loved by fans.

The 2nd Japan single album ‘Oh-e-Oh’ was released in three different versions such as special A, B, and General. The special version A and B contains the m/v with the m/v & jacket making video of the title song of ‘Oh-e-Oh’ together with the digest video of the fan meeting & concert held in 2018.

Meanwhile, April has successfully held the concert ‘April HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 ~DREAM LAND’ in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan on 10th and 13th. Followed by the new album released on the 16th.

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