Cherry Bullet, Taking First Step With The Title Song ‘Q&A’…

Cherry Bullet, Debut Album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ Releasing on January 21st 

Cherry Bullet, one of the Rising Stars of music industry in 2019, has amplified the expectations of the public by releasing tracklist of the debut algum.

FNC Entertainment, agency of Cherry Bullet, has released the tracklist of their debut single album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ through their official debut teaser site. 

The Title Song ‘Q&A’ is a bright, energetic song with crisp upbeat sound, which solves the curiosity of the future questions in addictive way. Especially, the lyric “Please look after us” contains their greeting of their first step to the music industry. 

The group name Cherry Bullet is the combination of contrasting images of the words Cherry and Bullet to shoot the public’s mind with the loving and energetic appeals. Cherry Bullet has been attracting interest even in abroad since their debut was even introduced by Billboard, an American Music Media, as “Rookie K-pop Acts Set To Make Their Mark in 2019”.

Meanwhile, Cherry Bullet’s debut album ‘Let’s Play Cherry Bullet’ will be released through various sound source sites at 6 pm on May 21. Prior to its release, its debut song ‘Q&A’ M/V teaser was released through their official teaser site on the 18th and will be communicating with fans around the world through Blue Room Live on Twitter. 

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