The 3rd Member of the BigHit’s New Group ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ is Hunning Kai! A Playful and Unadorned Boy!

‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ YeonJoon-Subin followed by Hunning Kai Unveiled Worldwide!

The new group of BigHit Entertainment TOMORROW X TOGETHER has additionally unveiled another member.

BigHit has announced the 3rd member of TOMMOROW X TOGETHER through their official website and SNS Channels on the 16th.

Hunning Kai is 16 years old, an American citizen. He shows refreshing and naive charming through his introduction film and photos.

Hunning Kai grabbed attention with bright look and expressions while walking around the city such as convenience stores, parks, and streets, takes a walk with puppy in the introduction film. In the photographs that are released together, he shows beautiful boy look with his face in a blank expression. 

TOMORROW X TOGETHER has released total of 3 members starting from Yeonjoon, Soobin, followed by Hunning Kai. By announcing that the group is about to debut last January 11th, it grabbed attention as it’s a new group to be released in six years by BigHit. The introduction films of other members, released prior to Hunning Kai, has exceeded 19 million accumulated views in YouTube.

The new group TOMORROW X TOGETHER by BigHit, which is right after BTS, is a bright and healthy idol group in which the boys gathered together for one dream and a goal demonstrating synergy each other with the meaning of ‘Make tomorrow together with You & I, who are different from each other’.

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